I picked up my phone và saw a calendar notification flashing. “Academic awards ceremony for K – 8:05.” vày you know what time it was? 8:03. Và the school was 12 minutes away. I slammed my seat belt back in the receiver and drove lượt thích Batman lớn get back to the school before my son walked across the stage at the school assembly. 

With my toddler in my arms, I sprinted into the gymnasium and collapsed in a chair near some moms I knew. My heart was pounding from the adrenaline rush, but I made it in time lớn see my son receive his award. I didn’t have to lớn worry for one second about how I looked, but I vì chưng need to work on checking my calendar…

Many of the moms were dressed in sweatpants, a hat và slippers và one of them leaned over khổng lồ whisper in my ear, “I don’t know how you vì chưng it, April. You look lượt thích a million bucks no matter what time I see you. Why can’t I show up dressed and ready lượt thích you do?” 

Wait, you’re a stay-at-home mom. I thought this was about getting ready for work Oh, I am a stay-at-home mom, & that is work. It’s my job. And getting ready for any job requires the same process. I’ve had a corporate job, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years, và now I’m a work-from-home-stay-at-home-run-the-kids-around mom. No matter what kind of job you have (and we all have a job), these tips will get you ready in trăng tròn minutes or less.

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This is my exact routine to lớn get ready for work faster:

The night before:

Shower/shave/exfoliate/etc.Deodorant. An extra benefit of this is the deodorant has time khổng lồ set & I don’t get streaks on my clothes the next morning.Dry and style my hair if I wash it mid-week, or if I was working in the yard và have wood chips, leaves or rocks in my hair (it happens a lot in the warm months). Why can’t it be flowers stuck in my hair?Brush teethSet out my clothes
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In the morning when getting ready for work or your day:

Put clothes, shoes, accessories on. Since I showered the night before, I can get my clothes on immediately in about one minute. It takes the same amount of time to put on real clothes as yoga pants.Apply dry shampoo (but don’t brush yet)Apply foundation.Put on eyeshadow primer (it needs a few minutes khổng lồ set up before I apply eyeshadow or the eyeshadow will not blend)Brush my teeth (being efficient và giving my primer time lớn set up)Clean lips with witch hazel to prep for LipsensePut on first layer of LipsenseBlushSecond layer of LipsenseFinal layer of LipsenseBrush the dry shampoo out of my hair and spot straighten as needed. I have naturally curly hair, & always have some crazy spots in the morning. (I’m look at YOU, bangs!)Apply gloss layer of Lipsense
Done. This is me on a morning I got ready in đôi mươi minutes or less following the formula above. Follow along with this burgundy makeup tutorial.

I know not everyone likes to do things in the same order every day, but that is how I can be efficient with my time. Structure và routine are essential for me. I bởi vì makeup before hair because with my bangs I’m going khổng lồ be pushing them up to vì chưng my eye makeup và mess them up.

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If my exercise of choice will really elevate my heart rate, I get up at 6:00 a.m. Because doing that at night disrupts my sleep. For something mindful like yoga, I go lớn an 8 p.m. Class because it helps me sleep. During really busy seasons, I won’t vày any exercise that lasts more than 30 minutes, including warm up và cool down because I will talk myself out of it. (I think) I don’t have time!!

Prep for morning exercise the night before as well. This includesmaking my protein drink và my ice water và putting them in an insulated thermos và water bottle (this is my favorite) on my bathroom counter, setting out my workout clothes và shoes, và setting up my exercise DVD before I go lớn bed. I realized a while ago I was wasting 30 minutes or more getting ready for my workout because I’m so groggy (and, um, I was checking my phone), và it should take me no more than 5.

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Don"t you need another shower after you exercise? What if I"m covered in breast milk because I leaked all night? What if I have night sweats?

After a short, intense morning workout, I’m hot & happy lớn take a short shower in tepid water, so I’m not tempted lớn stay. I’m feeling pumped và ready to lớn tackle the day too, so I shower in 3 minutes. A shower cap keeps my hair dry, and I use dry shampoo khổng lồ refresh. I still shower the night before because that is when I wash my face, moisturize, shave, exfoliate, và all those other things that can make a shower take so long. This is just a quick rub down with soap lớn get the sweat/breastmilk off & be fresh again. If you vày more intense workouts & have sweaty hair when you are done, see Merrick’s tips for that.