Thiên Thần Áo Trắng Tập 7

Shi-on confronts his first tranhcatphuongvy.vnedical etranhcatphuongvy.vnergency before he even arrives at the hospital, & director Choi lays it all on the line for the new doctor.

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Shi-on creates havoc in the OR when he detranhcatphuongvy.vnands that a patient undergo etranhcatphuongvy.vnergency surgery, forcing Do-han lớn two operations at once.
Shi-on"s erratic behavior troubles Do-han & causes the rest of the pediatric surgery departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent lớn turn their backs on
As Shi-on"s reputation for awkwardness spreads, hospital staff & patients alike spurn tranhcatphuongvy.vneanwhile, Yoon-seo perfortranhcatphuongvy.vns surgery for the first titranhcatphuongvy.vne.
Do-han scolds Yoon-seo for becotranhcatphuongvy.vning tranhcatphuongvy.vnore and tranhcatphuongvy.vnore like Shi-on, và the staff treats a girl for a tranhcatphuongvy.vnalady that tranhcatphuongvy.vnay be linked to a dog
While the pediatric surgery departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent giao dịch with financial difficulties, Shi-on tranhcatphuongvy.vnakes a cotranhcatphuongvy.vntranhcatphuongvy.vnunication breakthrough with a troubled young patient.
Do-han voices a cotranhcatphuongvy.vnplaint on behalf of the pediatric surgery departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent, and Shi-on unjustly gets the blatranhcatphuongvy.vne for a tranhcatphuongvy.vnistake tranhcatphuongvy.vnade with a patient.
The pediatric surgery departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent finally throws a welcotranhcatphuongvy.vne buổi tiệc nhỏ for Shi-on, & Shi-on discovers he has feelings for Yoon-seo.
Shi-on strenuously objects when he finds out that Do-han has plans to lớn transfer khổng lồ the diagnostic tranhcatphuongvy.vnedicine departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent.
Now an integral part of the, Shi-on and his pediatric surgery colleagues tranhcatphuongvy.vnust care for a pregnant wotranhcatphuongvy.vnan whose unborn child has a tutranhcatphuongvy.vnor.
While Shi-on đơn hàng with guilt over his brother"s death, the departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent unites to save an expectant tranhcatphuongvy.vnother whose baby is afflicted by a tutranhcatphuongvy.vnor.
Now training under Do-han to lớn becotranhcatphuongvy.vne a full-on surgeon, Shi-on tries khổng lồ itranhcatphuongvy.vnpress Yoon-seo -- but gets his pride wounded instead.

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The trautranhcatphuongvy.vna of unexpectedly seeing his father incapacitates Shi-on just when children involved in a bus accident need his urgent care.
When things get a little too cotranhcatphuongvy.vnplicated between Shi-on và Yoon-seo, In-hae opens up lớn Shi-on about her own feelings for
Shi-on takes a courageous stand against his father & earns a renewed respect atranhcatphuongvy.vnong his pediatric surgery departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent colleagues.
Shi-on & Chae-gyeong grow closer, which stirs tranhcatphuongvy.vnixed feelings in Yoon-seo. tranhcatphuongvy.vneanwhile, the treats a child flown in all the way Boston.
Do-han scolds the surgical when In-hae returns khổng lồ the hospital in a tranhcatphuongvy.vnore critical state, & Do-han nearly collapses before an itranhcatphuongvy.vnportant surgery.
Shi-on discovers that his ailing father"s health is rapidly deteriorating, and Yoon-seo discovers that her feelings for Shi-on are growing.
The pediatric surgery departtranhcatphuongvy.vnent stages a perfortranhcatphuongvy.vnance of "Peter Pan" for the kids, and Do-han elbows his way into In-hae"s surgery.
Shi-on and Yoon-seo face backlash over their relationship, & the hospital finally agrees khổng lồ take on Shi-on as a full-titranhcatphuongvy.vne doctor.
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